YAMAtune Spider Arch Middle 5 Toe Non-slip Dots Socks

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Colour: Green X Orange 30
White X White 01
Green X Orange 30
Turquoise X S.Gray 43
Rose X Emerald 68
Black X D.Navy 81
Gray X S.Yellow 82
Size: 25-27cm | EU 40-43

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The feeling of firmly grabbing the round surface with your fingers

"Spider Arch Support System" wraps your feet like a spider web. By preventing the arch from falling, it maintains the original shock absorption of the foot and suppresses fatigue. In addition, dot-shaped silicone rubber is laid out on the sole to ensure grip to the fingertips. COOLMAX® EcoMade, made from 100% recycled resources, is used for the upper material. In addition, mesh knitting enhances breathability and provides a comfortable fit.
Making 3 cm longer than the previous spider arch model protects the foot from the sand and pebbles and the ankle and Achilles tendon.


Running / Trail / Golf / Walking

52% Polyester / 40% Nylon / 8% Polyurethane


Made in China

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