UMARA U SALTY (30 tablets) Electrolyte Tablets

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U SALTY contains all of the 4 salts / electrolytes you lose through sweat.

All four are highly bioavailable electrolytes.

- The tablets dissolve in water/sports drink or swallow as is. The choice is yours as they are not flavored but naturally salty in taste and can be mixed with most things, swallowed whole or dissolved under the tongue. If you want to dissolve the tablets in liquid, they should be crushed as they are tightly compressed minerals. 

- Each tablet contains 250 mg of sodium (10 mmol, corresponding to the salt content in 2.5 dl of sweat), which increases the salt content in your sports drink if you are a heavy sweater.

Developed by Biomediciners in Sweden and manufactured in Sweden.
All of these steps are quality guarantees in order for you as a customer to always be sure that what you buy is safe and of the highest quality.

All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegan.
Manufactured according to HACCP / GMP

Content per tablet:
250mg Sodium
40mg Potassium
12.5mg Calcium
7.5mg Magnesium

Instructions for use:
1-2 tablets per hour during hard or prolonged physical activity. Swallowed whole, alternatively crushed and added to liquid. Can also melt in your mouth if you want, but very salty taste.

Frequently asked questions:

How big is U SALTY?
Approx: 10x5mm/tablet.

How do I know if I'm losing a lot of salt/electrolytes when I sweat?
You cannot be really sure of the losses via sweat without doing an analysis in the lab. But if you notice that you sweat a lot when exercising in the heat and that there are often white salt stains on your clothes, this is a sign that you are losing salt to a large extent. Then you can try adding U Salty and then evaluate the result.

Sodium chloride, microcrystalline cellulose, calcium citrate, dicalcium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium citrate, stearic acid, cross-linked sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, magnesium stearate.

Allergens in the list of contents are highlighted inbold style (in cases where allergens are present in the product).