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UMARA U NITRATE 500mg Buffering Drink

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Flavour: Beet Root
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U NITRATE is a concentrated beetroot shot containing 500mg of nitrate (8mmol). We have chosen to increase the amount of nitrate in U Nitrate from the 400mg that several others have, up to 500mg (+25%).

- If you have a VO2max of 60ml/kg/min or lower, then 500mg (8mmol) seems to be sufficient. If you have a higher oxygen uptake, we recommend taking 2 shots (see instructions).

Drink 1-2 U Nitrate shots 2.5 hours before activity.

Avoid spitting during the period from intake to the start of the activity as this interrupts the vasodilating effect of nitrate. You can drink and eat other things during this time, but your saliva, where the conversion from nitrate to nitrite should occur, should not leave the oral cavity and should be swallowed again. It's nothing you need to worry about, just do as usual, but just remember not to spit frequently during these 2.5 hours.

Developed by Biomedical Scientists in Sweden to ensure that you as a customer always have safe and high-quality products.

All ingredients are approved by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority). 100% vegan.

Manufactured according to HACCP / GMP.

Questions & Answers:

How does U Nitrate work? The nitrate comes from beetroot concentrate and is converted through a series of steps into nitric oxide (NO), which is the active substance that dilates/relaxes our blood vessels. This reduces resistance in the blood vessels, increases blood circulation, and improves the efficiency of oxygen transport to the working muscles.

Do I need to buffer U Nitrate? If you have an oxygen uptake above 60ml/kg/min, we recommend taking 2 shots 2.5 hours before activity. If you want to guarantee a maximized effect, you can also buffer the levels by taking 1 shot per day for 4-7 days before a competition. With buffering, it is sufficient to take 1 shot 2.5 hours before the start, regardless of oxygen uptake.