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Para'Kito Mosquito Repellent Clip with 2 Refill Pellets

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Colour: Black
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This clever PARA'KITO® Black Mosquito Repellent Clip provides on-the-go protection all day long. Whatever you’re doing, wherever you’re going, let your whole family stay protected together. The Clip comes with 2 replacement pellets.


  • Refillable mosquito repellent clip
  • Pellet made in France
  • 24h/24 continuous diffusion technology (patented)

Cute. Convenient. Clever little Black Clip. Clip-tastic!

It may be tiny in size, but this clever little clip is not to be underestimated. Smart, stylish and versatile, it snaps onto just about anything. Popped onto a pram or buggy, it keeps little ones safe whilst being out of reach of little fingers. Hang it on your handbag or briefcase, hook it on a wall in the playroom, string it up above the garden swing – the only limit is your imagination.

The patented DiffuControl-System™ technology, using notably vanillin, regulates the volatility of the essential oils impregnated in the PARA’KITO® pellets, enabling their sustained release 24 hours a day and continuous diffusion up to 15 days.


  • Continuous protective masking effect
  • All day, all zones, all climates
  • Continous diffusion up to 15 days per refill pellet
  • Sustained release technology 24 hours a day (patented)
  • The pellet is not in direct contact with the skin 
  • For the whole family - Including sensitive persons, pregnant women and babies (out of their reach)
  • Waterproof
  • Accepted in carry-on baggage

PARA'KITO® Mosquito Repellent Clip is suitable for pregnant women, young children and is recommended for people with skin allergies or irritations: it does not contain any chemicals and the pellet is not in contact with the skin, which is perfectly safe.