COROS Apex 2 Pro Premium Multisport Watch

Colour: Black
Chamonix Edition
Dusty Pink
Size: One Size

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Kilian's choice of watch just got a significant upgrade

The APEX 2 Pro is a significant step up from the original watch favored by the great man himself!

The APEX 2 Pro offers 75 hours of full GPS battery life – an 87% increase over the APEX Pro. Now you can get through that Mountain 100 miler without having to debate about switching into Ultra Max Mode.


APEX 2 Pro

APEX (1) Pro

Display Size

1.3 inch

1.2 Inch

Display Resolution

260 x 260

240 x 240

Display Type

Touch Screen Always-On Memory LCD

Touch Screen Always-On Memory LCD

Screen Material

Sapphire Glass

Sapphire Glass

Bezel Material

Titanium Alloy

Grade 5 Titanium Alloy

Cover Material

Titanium Alloy


Watch Band

Quick Fit Band

Quick Fit Band



The APEX Pro 2 now takes on the same GPS connectability of the Vertix 2. Simultaneously able to connect to all 5 GPS systems globally for improved accuracy. It even has Dual Frequency GPS which has previously only been used in aircraft. This significantly improves GPS tracking on vertical rock faces for instance.

Pulse Oximeter also available.

Your runs take you from the roads to the trails, to the mountains, and often back again. You are never stuck on one surface or at one elevation for too long. With all of the great features of the Original APEX Pro, combined with the added Pulse Oximeter, Altitude Advisory and Touch Screen Technology, the APEX 2 Pro is our most versatile watch yet.

Trail Tested Athlete Approved

Titanium frame, Sapphire glass screen and 100m waterproof rating provide ultimate durability. At just 59g including the watch band, you can take the APEX 2 Pro on just about any adventure you can dream of.

A Mountain Guide on Your Wrist

24/7 blood oxygen monitoring with Altitude Mode, APEX 2 Pro follows the VERTIX2 as the only watches to provide hourly acclimatization evaluations. Your watch will let you know when you should keep climbing, or when you should head back down to a lower altitude.

The Magic Touch

Backed by sports science, the APEX 2 Pro offers a variety of metrics for your various endurance activities. Beyond simply pace and distance, you can see your stride length, cadence, elevation change along with a measurement of your aerobic and anaerobic productivity. The APEX 2 Pro also provides recommendations for recovery and through the COROS App, estimates key metrics such as VO2Max and Lactate Threshold which can be used to generate training plans.