Ta Energy Organic Energy Bars

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Flavour: Choco/Hazelnut
Size: 1 pack

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Save money by buying the boxes of 16 organic Energy bars.

Organic, soft bars, with a delicious taste. A perfect mixture for lovers of healthy delicacies ! An energy intake during your physical activity (150kcal). The association of a slice of pineapple and pieces of coconut ; chocolate and hazelnut crunch ; Exoticism of Goji's mango and berries...

Thoughts for gourmet taste breaks or during your physical activity, while retaining healthy ingredients. The small organic energy bars with subtle taste, natural and digestible ingredients, precisely chosen to give your body the energy it needs (date and almond paste, nuts, dried fruits, squash seeds, chia seeds... and our personal touch : a touch of Guérande salt).

These 38g bars are offered in 4 flavors discover them quickly.


Our ingredients have been chosen with the greatest requirement and come from organic farming.

Choco/Hazelnuts(Gourmet, Natural)
Date paste, hazelnuts 27% (pureed and whole), sweetened almond paste (almonds, honey, water), cocoa powder 7,0%, large oat flakes, toasted shelled pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, Guérande salt.

Mango/Goji (Simple, fruity) : date paste, dried mango pieces 22%, sweet almond paste (almonds, honey, water), shelled almonds, goji bays 4.5%, wide oatmeal, seeds of Chia, Guérande salt.

Pinapple/Coco (Tasty, exotic) : date paste, 25%almonds (full and whole peeled puree), pineapple dried in 15%pieces, 7.0%grated coconut, goji berries, wide oatmeal, flax seeds Brown, Guérande salt

Apricot/Cashew (Efficient, surprising) : date paste, dried apricots in cubes 26% (apricots, rice flour), 22% cashew (Puree and whole), strawberry chips (apple concentrated puree, apple concentrated juice, strawberry puree, lemon concentrated juice, concentrated Aronia juice, rice flour, gelling agent : pectin, natural strawberry aroma), Large oatmeal, brown flax seeds, Guérande salt.


Are the bars intended only for athletes?

Organic bars are intended for everyone. It is an effective snack for all people looking for a healthy diet.

When to use the bars?

The bars are made up of slow sugar, so we recommend a bar every 1 hour 30 minutes. They can also be used as a snack. This is the new alternative to gums and gels that can be found on the market.

What are they made of?

The organic bars made in France that we offer are made up of date paste, nuts, almonds, other dried fruits and our personal touch : a pinch of Guérande salt.

What is the texture of the bars?

Our delicious bars are soft and easy to chew, the different flavours, will guarantee you a pleasant tasting.

How many calories are there in a bar?

One bar contains about 150 calories.

Do the bars contain gluten? Are they vegan?

Yes the bars contain gluten due to the small amount of oats and are not vegan since they have a small dose of honey.